5 Best Practices of Web Design for 2017

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5 Best Practices of Web Design for 2017

September 28, 2017 Advertising & Marketing 0

When you’re a small business wanting to reach a wider audience, what’s the most inexpensive way to do it? Having online presence is the fastest yet most affordable way to increase your customer base. This is because, these days, most people greatly rely on the internet for any information they are looking for. Why? It’s a fast and easy source of information about anything and everything under the sun. This is why the importance of investing in a good web design Brisbane cannot be emphasised enough.

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Aside from increased online visibility, having a website for your small business makes you more accessible to potential customers or clients. This is because a website is accessible round the clock. Potential buyers can easily find any information about the products or services they might be looking for. This increases the chance of people buying from you.

But how do you make your website effective in increasing sales? Here are seven of the best web design Brisbane practices you should consider for your own site.

  • No more hamburger menus

Also known as the three-pronged icon for website menus, the hamburger icon has stirred the web design world. Some designers consider its placement unnecessary, while others don’t like it at all. This is because it doesn’t always equate to a clean website design, though it does get the job done in some cases. And though it can hide menu options, some users don’t recognise it immediately, taking away its purpose. This is why a lot of websites nowadays are parting ways with this three-horizontal-line menu style.

  • Fewer navigation options

What a lot of web designers and digital marketing experts prefer are fewer navigation options. A lot of sites that used to have five to seven menu options have reduced them to three to four. The main reason this has become a trend these days is because fewer choices allow users to easily and quickly locate what they are looking for.

  • Goodbye, dull stock images

A lot of older websites are teeming with stock photos you can conveniently use. This is because they are free, saving owners a lot of money. But although they serve the purpose of creating a visual, copyright-free images are often dull and low-quality. So instead of making your site more attractive or engaging, they seem to take away from your aesthetic.

A lot of digital marketing Brisbane companies nowadays invest in professional photography to ensure they have unique and visually appealing photos on their sites.

  • Less is more

If you want your website to look more professional, organised, and clutter-free, you have to follow the rule “less is more.” This is because a minimalistic style makes your site’s user interface look clean and professional, making visitors take your site or blog more seriously. Aside from that, having a simpler web design Brisbane puts more emphasis on speed and ease of use.

  • No to parallax scrolling

Content heavy websites do not do well with parallax scrolling, or 2D scrolling with visual effects that create layers for a 3D effect. This is because it could potentially cause a negative impact on a site’s SEO efforts. This is especially true for homepages with heavy graphics as it makes the load time longer. Aside from that, it can be difficult for a site to comply with requirements for a responsive design.

There are many ways to ensure that your online marketing efforts pay off. One way to do that is to follow the best website design practices for 2017. Another is to entrust your website’s aesthetics to experts, like Digital8. They are one of the most trusted web development teams and the best social media company Brisbane. They are committed to providing world-class digital marketing services to all clients. Check out their website https://digital8.com.au/ today!

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