Advantages of Hiring Expert Attorneys for Trademark Issues

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Advantages of Hiring Expert Attorneys for Trademark Issues

July 17, 2018 Law 0

In this competitive business world, every business enterprise tries to build its own brand image because it is regarded as the strength to achieve higher sales. In simple terms, brand image is a symbol or sign that is exclusive to the business enterprise. This image also called as a trademark should be registered with the appropriate authorities. The registration can be made by availing the services of a trademark attorney.


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Exclusive Property of a Business House

The trademark can be a symbol, a logo, words or letters, phrase, color and in some cases it can even be the smell of the product. According to law, once the registration of an image is made, then no other business enterprise can use the same symbol. Therefore, trademark becomes the exclusive property of the particular business house in favor of which it is registered. Now, if any other person or business house uses the same trademark, then the owner of the trademark can take legal action against such persons for infringement of his rights.

Lengthy Procedure

The process of getting the trademark registered is rather lengthy, and it involves a considerable paperwork. Therefore, an ideal approach would be to avail the services of a professional trademark attorney who would guide you appropriately in the matter. The need for availing the services of attorney could be further amplified as follows:

Filing of trademark appears to be simple but, there are some issues that need careful legal evaluation by an experienced trademark attorney. For example, the trademark is normally registered against an identified product or group of products, and therefore, it should be used for the particular product that is identified. Similarly, if you are using a logo or design rather than a few words, then filling up trademark application form needs careful legal evaluation. Such complex issues can be attended to only by an attorney having a thorough knowledge of laws relating to patents and trademark. In such circumstances, the patent and trademark attorneys would provide you all types of IP protections. Visit at Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

Trademark is not granted as a matter of routine. Once, you register the trademark, the authorities will notify the application. Any individual or business house may file objection claiming infringement of his business interest or violation of its trademark. In such cases, you would certainly need the services of an experienced trademark attorney.

The registration of a trademark is always valid for some period of time. Thereafter, it has to be renewed by following the appropriate procedure for renewal. On the other hand, if the business enterprise fails to use the trademark during the currency of its period, then the trademark is deemed to have been abandoned. In such cases, any other person can use the same mark. Again in such cases, the trademark attorneys would appropriately represent before the authorities, and he would ensure the validity of the trademark continues for the period for which it is registered.

Experts suggest that in order to avoid any hassles in the process of registration, it is always appropriate that you avail the services of attorneys. The attorney would do all the paperwork to ensure you secure a trademark.