The details on a silicone wristband you should not miss

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The details on a silicone wristband you should not miss

January 16, 2018 Party & Events 0 mosquito repellent wristbands are registered in Australia. The mosquito repellent wristband is infused with peppermint oil. The vapors released from these wristbands keep the mosquitoes away. This is why one can find an Australia wrist band in various types and the one popular version is the silicone wristband. There are various types of silicone wristbands that you should be aware of.

Australia Wrist band

Silicone wristband

The Silicone wristband came into limelight in 2004. It gained worldwide attention and a large number of athletes wore it in the Athens Olympics. Silicone wristbands have a longer shelf life than plastic and tyvek wrist bands. Silicone wristbands can be used to hold USB devices, watches and RFID chips. Silicone wristbands Australia shops sell are soft and hypo allergenic (not causing allergy on skin). Usually, an Australia wrist band offers high visibility that can be used to promote a brand for marketing purposes.

Popular styles and sizes of silicone wrist bands

A recessed silicone wrist band means that the text can be recessed inside and outside of the band but the wristband would come in only single color. Recessed multi color means that text can be recessed both inside and outside the wristband in multi colors.

The screen printed wrist band makes sure that the message is printed and the matter would not fade away as it happens in a recessed wrist band. Recessed text option enhances works on the wrist band in a different manner as it contains pigments and the wristband will glow in darkness or when subjected to dark light. The popular size of the wristband for an adult is 202 mm round *13 mm wide and for a child, the size is 183 mm round *13 mm wide.

The matter printed on an imprinted wristband lasts for one day only and this wristband is useful for promotional events and other fundraising schemes like charity. A debossed wristband is another type of wristband and the matter would last longer. The text and graphics can be etched into the wristband using the laser method. Every embossed wristband creates a unique 3d effect.

Promotional silicone and creative wristbands

Charity fundraising ideas include selling promotional silicone wrist bands for a cause like creating awareness about breast cancer, AIDS and so on. There are websites like that give ideas on how to conduct or promote silicone wristband for charity. There are many charity events that happen globally and these use silicon wristbands for getting money for a cause. Silicone wrist bands can also be used to promote sporting events or businesses. You can promote your karate studio, karate event or can show passion for karate by promoting silicone wristbands karate players use.

Do not think that a wristband is limited to karate but you can also promote a business meet, a food awareness meet, or any social event. Concerts, events, a school trip, and nutritional meal program in a school can be better promoted by a silicone wristband. Suitcase id and runner id are some of the creative ideas that you can create with an Australia wrist band. People suffering from health problems like memory loss can be supplied with a silicone band that has their address and that can make sure that the person is always safe even when wandering out of a house.